Mark 1

My study and observation of Mark 1.It starts with prophecy of God sending His messenger John to help people to know that messiah has arrived. In Mark 1:10 Jesus is baptized and when that is done by full immersion he came out of the water, and then God testifies that it is His son.  Jesus casts out demons and became famous throughout Galilee, he also cures a person who has a bad fever, and people with diseases. At one point Jesus was, “indigent Mark 1:41 NIV”, then heals the leper. Just for the sake of historical curiosity, NIV says, “indigent” yet others like NLT say “moved with compassion” this doesn’t affect the verse hardly at all and changes no major doctrine. However, I am curious do you guys think that he could have been “indigent” because people from everywhere wanted to be healed? What are your thoughts about why Jesus might become angry (yet He did not sin, Ephesians 4:26)?This was the only unique question I could think of and for the purpose of discussion is interesting, again it affects no core doctrine but might give us some insight into understanding the mind of God.

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